Technology Consulting : Connected Objects and IoT

With the explosion of the number of connected objects, the increase of the possibilities of new functionalities and the improvement of their reliability, the connected objects have exceed the limits of the traditional products. The balance of competition and the structure of markets in all business sectors are impacted. As such, companies have initiated studies, experimented or commercialised the first ranges of connected objects.

Faced with the technological, economic and social disruption caused by the Internet of Objects (IoT), mc²i Group supports companies and institutions in carrying out the transformation necessary to exploit the potential of connected objects. New capabilities of connected objects, such as supervision, control, optimisation, configuration and autonomy, offer great prospects for innovation in business models.

Our areas of intervention

The technological stacking of the various components of a communicating chain creates an unprecedented complexity and an accentuation of the system dimension to be taken into account from the studies in the project phases.

mc²i Group is positioned alongside its clients for the exploration and implementation of IoT technologies - their impacts and opportunities - from strategy to operational deployment of solutions.

Today mc²i Group, through its teams composed of experts has the first successful collaborations with players in the industrial sectors (Energy, Transport, Media and Telecommunications, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail).

On the strength of this profound change, we advise our clients to identify and implement organisational means facilitating close collaboration between the different management teams.

Indeed, the development of products in a connected environment requires the implementation of multidisciplinary engineering skills. mc²i Group adapted its methodologies for :

  • Aligning common corporate objectives with participative approaches such as Open Innovation or the use of Hackathon.
  • Develop the IoT strategy to identify and test value deposits in order to confirm gains and initiate an industrialisation process.

The process of manufacturing intelligent connected objects embodies new demands and new opportunities. Despite a tendency to simplify the hardware architecture of objects when the functionalities are transferred to the software, the number and nature of the sensors is constantly increasing. These architectural choices involve new complexities that our consultants analyse for :

  • Advising decision-makers with benchmarks to select a panel of suppliers in line with the IoT strategy.
  • Assisting architects in positioning the hardware/software cursor for each component of the communicating chain.
  • Ensuring technological integration in a system of connected intelligent objects.

The design of the products and services deployed in the communicating chains requires a strong adaptation to take into account a set of new concepts: set up of equipment performance, continuous improvement after the sale of the product, personalization of experience user thanks to new interfaces , feedback loops being faster thanks to the data produced by the connected objects and the connected maintenance possibilities. Our experts assist the business and IT departments in taking effective account of these developments to :

  • Adjust the business strategy and define new business models involving Products-Services developed thanks to the connected objects.
  • Design the lifecycle of Product-Services from commissioning to technological obsolescence.
  • Align the production rates of equipment and the development of software components using agility methods on a scale.

To the data handled in a traditional manner by the companies (configuration, sale, maintenance, survey, etc.), the data produced by the connected objects are added. This deposit, sometimes in real time, produces an unprecedented diversity and volume of data. mc²i Group advises its clients in the acquisition, processing and valuation of this data in order to:

  • Increase knowledge of real-world operating conditions of connected intelligent objects to optimise functionality or maintenance.
  • Analyse in Data Lake data correlations produced by connected object systems and external data sources.
  • Carry out audits on data security in relation to user protection regulations.

Our added value

Within the technological environment, mc²i Group is differentiated thanks to several advantages:

  • Financial and commercial independence face to face publishers, outsourcers and market integrators.
  • Business expertise supported by our centre’s of competence, which is ensured for each sector of activity, a capitalisation and continuous regulatory monitoring.
  • Technological expertise and perfect knowledge of the ecosystem.
  • An ability to intervene on consulting during the study phase and assistance to the project owner of a program involving a system of intelligent objects connected.
  • A culture of innovation guaranteeing recommendations that contributes to the development of our customers through the experimentation of new technological applications.


In the Energy sector:

mc²i Group advises several major Energy companies in the strategy of deploying "Smart" equipment for the maintenance of transport networks and the framing of the new functionalities offered by intelligent metering devices.

In the Automotive sector:

mc²i Group assists a player in the Automotive sector in the implementation of the connected system enabling users to benefit from several sensors embedded in the vehicle to prevent theft or reconstruct the conditions of a disaster.

In the Transport sector:

mc²i Group assists a large account of the SBF 120(Company of the French Bourses) in the implementation of its loyalty program which uses the connected objects to revolutionise the customer experience when it is in its infrastructures.

In the pedagogical field and in partnership with SNCF (National Society of French railways) Network: mc²i Group assits SNCF network in the organization of an Open Innovation approach on the implementation of connected objects with twenty engineering students in the last year at Telecom School of Management and Telecom SudParis. This project made it possible to identify innovative solutions with the implementation of objects connected to the following functional areas: Maintenance, safety, consumption and services to the occupant.