Senior management


Chairman and CEO

mc²i Group

Arnaud GAUTHIER is Chairman and CEO of mc²i Group.

He joined mc²i Group in 2000, and became Consultant Manager in 2001, then Senior Manager in 2004, before being appointed, in 2007, Director of Business Unit. In January 2011, he became Deputy Managing Director in charge of offers strategy, business development, marketing and communication, then CEO in November 2012. Arnaud Gauthier graduated from the National School of Advanced Technologies (ENSTA) and began his career at IBM Global Services, responsible for major integration projects in information systems


Chairman of mc²i UK

Nidal ALAKL is Delegate CEO of mc²i Group since 2011, Chairman of the Supervisory Board since April 2015 and Chairman of the British subsidiary mc²i UK Ltd since June, 2014

He joined mc²i Group in 2003 as Director of Operations before becoming Deputy Managing Director in 2009. He began his career at the SFENA before joining Sema Group, where he assumed the management of subsidiaries specialized in ERP for human resources management and accounting, and the management of systems integration projects. Nidal ALAKL has a PhD in Computer Science, Databases and Telecommunications from Université Paris VI ; he is the author of several articles and books on information systems.

Stéphane HEGEDUS

Delegate Chief Executive Officer

Stéphane HEGEDUS is Delegate CEO of mc²i Group since 2012.

He is in charge of recruitment and skills development, monitoring project quality and communication. Stéphane HEGEDUS became Consultant Manager 2001, Senior Manager in 2004 and Director of Business Unit in 2007, before being appointed COO in charge of Resources and Quality in 2011. With a computer engineer training (Ecole Supérieur d’Informatique), Stéphane HEGEDUS began his career in 1994 at mc²i Group where he worked on major information systems projects in the public and private sectors.

François RANÉA

Delegate Chief Executive Officer

François RANÉA is Delegate CEO since April 2015 and Director of Human Resources of mc²i Group since January 2012.

He is in charge of the administrative management, general and IT resources, the management of human resources and social relations of the Cabinet. He’s a graduate in computer science and worked at mc²i Group since its creation in 1989 as Partner, after 8 years with SESA Group where he worked as a consultant.

Vincent PASCAL

Business Development Director

Vincent PASCAL is Business Development Director at mc²i Group since 2008.

He is in charge of development of the commercial activity on all offers and activity sectors, in coordination with the business units directions. He joined mc²i Group in 2004 as Business Manager, after a first experience of 3 years as a commercial in a IT company. Vincent PASCAL graduated in 2001 from INT Management (National Institute of Telecommunications).


Chief Financial Officer

Julien DALCORSO is CFO since 2013.

He is in charge of management control, supervision of accounting work, implementation of monitoring dashboards for the budget and production of the firm. He graduated from Imperial College London and HEC Paris, and began his career as a consultant in mergers and acquisitions before taking a role of financial manager in large groups, and then joining mc²i Group in 2013.

Olivier HERVO

Associate Director

Olivier HERVO is an Associate Director at mc²i Group since 2011.

He’s responsible for the development of the firm in the Energy sector. A graduate of Hautes Études d’Ingénieur (HEI – Lille), Olivier HERVO joined mc²i Group in 2002, after two years of consultancy activities to a large Automotive group. After contributing to the success of several large projects, he successively held the functions of Manager in 2006 and Senior Manager in 2009.


Associate Director

Lorenzo BERTOLA is an Associate Director at mc²i Group since 2015.

He is in charge of the development of consulting services in Financial Management IS and activity of the British subsidiary mc²i UK Ltd. He has an engineering degree from UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne) in Computer Engineering and began his career in 2003 within mc²i Group where he became Consultant Manager in 2009, then Senior Manager in 2011. Lorenzo BERTOLA directs major rework of information systems projects in the sectors of banking, insurance and social protection, as well as financial management systems for public and private entities.


Country manager

Julien GRIMAULT is Manager at mc²i Group since 2014.

Over the last 9 years, he has been involved in several strategic large scale projects, covering the whole life cycle of an information system. Graduated with an engineering degree in new technologies from ESIEA (Graduate School of computing-engineering, electronic and automation), Julien started his career at mc²i Group in early 2007 as consultant, before being promoted to Project manager in 2012, and Manager in 2014. He is in charge of operational activities and business development of mc²i UK.