Healthcare system is challenged with the growing needs of the population: demographic aging, strong growth of chronic pathologies, etc.
The patient’s journey becomes more complex and dynamic, extending in space (care at home or institution), and time (preventative care, intervention care, promotion of health).
In parallel, the health crisis of recent years has impacted not only the confidence, but also the demand for transparent information on healthcare for the general public.
Faced with these new challenges, the healthcare system must progress: by offering new services to patients (information portals, on-line approaches, digital health record) and by organizing effective communication between all stakeholders within healthcare.

Our areas of intervention

Our Expertise:

  • Management of the health system: ensuring a more efficient and effective health system
  • Health System Security: Improving and modernizing health security systems.
  • Improving Care: Focusing on new challenges centered on the patients journey both physically and digitally.
  • Healthcare at Work: facilitating the monitoring and pooling of prevention information

Our added value

Healthcare IS Project context are complex. During our projects, we have built upon a knowledge of the main stakeholders and projects of Healthcare IS, including the data, services and methods they may propose:

  • Data management
  • Exchange systems
  • Shared services
  • Certifications
  • National programs

Client Feedback

"For patients, information about the health system is vital... But currently the information is scattered.

Focus on one of our previous experiences where we have placed a centralised information portal."
To set up this unique portal, we first had to develop and address a communication strategy amongst different stakeholders within healthcare. The contents and services must then be qualified and aggregated to be returned to the users in an adapted way to their specific needs and demands.
The main difficulty was to make the portal live and to make it as a reference service in regional health information!