Digital strategy

While the majority of businesses and governments have started thinking about the digital, it is essential for a company to develop a digital strategy that meets its challenges and specificities while embracing the opportunities and constraints of its environment. The rapidly changing digital domain is followed by mc²i Group, offering an up to date vision of the market and trends.

Our Expertise of the Sector

The channels of interaction with customers and users are multiplying and opportunities for action appear in a very short timeframe.

mc²i Group support its customers to better understand their expectations on the following topics, as well as throughout the project life cycle:

  • Organisational transition to digital
  • Definition of digital strategy
  • Mobility & cross-channel
  • Social CRM
  • Customer experience, ergonomics, accessibility
  • SEO
  • Web Analytic

Our Added value

mc²i Group helps companies and administrations in their digital transition, from strategic thinking on digital, through audits of web services and organizational impact studies, to the definition of the levers as well as support on the entire life cycle of digital projects.

So mc²i Group and its consultants have the ability to provide complete support, from upstream studies to concrete results of a project, whether organizational or information system related.


mc²i Group supported in the digital evolution of a big company of the insurance market. From the market strategy, the definition of the most relevant levers to monitoring Web deployment project across all channels: websites, mobile, social networks, mc²i Group demonstrated its ability to intervene at every level of the project.