Can the cyber-attacks threaten the Digital world ?

2 novembre 2017 | Share it on social networks

The entire world is becoming more and more digital, with data more and more sensitive. The last huge cyberattack that occurred in May 2017 demonstrates that all the domains and countries can be affected.

Indeed :

  • More than 200 000 computers have been infected by the “wannacry” virus
  • In more than 150 countries including :
    • The UK where more than 45 hospitals have been affected
    • France where the French automobil company Renaut has been touched
    • And Russia where the banking system has been targeted.

Towards a global cyber chaos ?

This very last attack raise a question about a cyberchaos phenomenon where the cyber-criminels behind it are for the moment, impossible to be identified and require international investigation. The expansion of this Wannacry virus is very fast and unusual : the virus is expanding directly from a computer to another one on the local servers, and not via email as the “usual” attacks.

There is a continuous fight between the cyber-criminels and the software editors : while the first ones try to break any information system failure possible, the second ones keep on implementing the patchs and necessary upgrades to reinforce their security.

However, correcting the issue as soon as it comes is not enough. Companies need to think ahead in order to be able to protect themseleves efficiently.

How to react against these attacks explosion ?

The world will always be vulnerable to attacks as the current approach is too slow to proactively stop the attack. Indeed, the digital explosion leave no choice to the companies but to be always working on several ways to detect the attacks and to how to respond to any possible issue.

  • Desaster scenari need to be tought proactively, with all potential impacts listed for the different sectors (HR, finance, distribution, etc.) and strategic decisions being made.
  • A list of specific signs need to be studied and detected every day within a company : systems failures not expected, anomalies in the usual transactions processing.
  • Specific budgets need to be allocated within each company to work on all of those action plans (implementing security patches, antivirus, sealing system, etc.).
  • On a higher lever, all the security experts all over the word need to put in place an action plan and an urgent reflexion on an international strategy to prevent those attacks.

The digital world is growing every day, and so needs to be the efficiency of the information systems security to avoid any cyber chaos possibility in the future…

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May 2017 - Wannacry Cyberattack – Major countries impacted - MawareTech
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